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AeroDocs Delivers Digital Transformation in Aviation

Connectivity is an enabler

ViaSat is driven to use connectivity as an enabler and a problem solver. Our team can be trusted to put user benefits first. AeroDocs enables digital transformation in the aviation sector by replacing heavy paper manuals with optimised digital documents. This delivers a wide range of benefits to multiple stakeholders, while solving many problems.

Trust our team to integrate AeroDocs with your Flight Ops

Our team has wide experience in aviation, from working in airline and airport operations to helping digital transformation projects in many of the world's airlines. We've built AeroDocs with our customers, not for them. It is aviation-grade because our airline partners trust AeroDocs as a system that integrates with Flight Operations to meet exacting, safety-critical needs.

We solve real problems, deliver measurable benefits

Request a web demo today AeroDocs is built around the needs of Flight Ops, solving the problem of delivery of digital documents to pilot PEDs (portable electronic devices). AeroDocs enables the secure distribution and tracking of manuals. The benefits here are twofold: operational efficiencies are increased as pilots always have the correct manuals for the correct aircraft, while the safety and compliance audit process is streamlined, with fast report generation to the auditor's specifications. AeroDocs delivers easy editing of XML documents, ensuring that confidential documents are controlled in-house and the responsiveness of Flight Ops to new situations is immediate.

More control, better responsiveness

With AeroDocs integrated into Flight Operations, manual changes can now be made in real-time by the airline's own staff. The revision turnaround time - from revision requirement identification, to editing, to stakeholder approval, through targeted distribution to pilots - is reduced to hours. Where CAA approval is required, the regulator can be integrated into AeroDocs workflows. Our customer made the changes quickly and efficiently and with measurable benefits in time saved and improved responsiveness.
This allows an airline to avoid the complexities inherent in an outsourced document management service, which require a marked-up PDF to be sent to the document service supplier. This is used to update the XML manual, which is returned to the airline for approval. Errors are typically found, so the process is repeated. When the manual is eventually approved, it's distributed to pilots. Not an ideal situation.

AeroDocs user benefits - Flight Operations

AeroDocs integrates into Flight Ops systems, to deliver benefits across the team, including:
  • Easy-to-use XML editing makes Flight Ops’ work easier with extra functionality for pilots.
  • Collections of documents can be associated with specific staff groups and documents can be automatically pushed to all group members.
  • Track each document and ensure it has been received and acknowledged by the crew member.
  • Once a document has been written, all of its components can be added to the content library and are available for sharing across multiple publications and departments.

AeroDocs user benefits - Pilots

Pilot workload is reduced by AeroDocs:
  • Pilot-centric document viewing.
  • Native iOS and Windows viewers for a superb cockpit experience.
  • Powerful search functionality.
  • Notes and annotations are never lost.
  • Pilots can submit feedback directly to manual owner.

AeroDocs user benefits - Safety and Compliance

Fly safer with AeroDocs:
  • With smart compliance tagging, AeroDocs makes it simple to understand the implications of changes in the regulatory environment.
  • Out-of-the-box, AeroDocs provides a set of default workflows which an airline can clone, and extend, to meet the needs of specific documents or departments.
  • This aviation-specific system allows operators and auditors to forensically trace and track when, why and how a document was changed.
  • AeroDocs guarantees consistent, professional, trackable publications across the organisation.
Our focus has always been to deliver real benefits to every AeroDocs user, from the cockpit to the boardroom. To learn more about how AeroDocs enables digital transformation in your airline - whether your identified need is to go paperless, or to replace under-performing solutions - get in touch and sign up for a web demo

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