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AeroDocs Deployment to Airline - Resources Required

We've been fielding a lot of enquiries from airlines about AeroDocs and we are commonly asked about how long deployment takes and what are the required resources. Good news! It's fast. Better news! It's easy.

Aer-Lingus-460x295.jpg“We have worked with Arconics to deploy Crew Portal, Technical Publications and Electronic Flight Bag solutions for over 5 years. They have always delivered reliable, elegant applications that delight crew, administrators and management, and provided outstanding service and support.”

Paul Stanley, EFB Project Manager, Aer Lingus

We’re confident that our software will save your airline time and money in the future, but controlling costs during implementation is equally important. We want to deliver the simplest system that meets your business goals. A proven solution significantly reduces the risk to you.

AeroDocs Webinar - On-demand video view Click here to learn the Secret to Safety and ComplianceOver the past 15 years, Arconics has built an extraordinary team and developed an exceptionally deep reserve of expertise in aviation document management.

We’re working with operators including Qatar Airways, Ryanair, Cathay Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Aer Lingus and many others. They depend on our software to publish accurate, consistent manuals, notices and forms to print, web, mobile, and the flight deck on Class 1, 2 and 3 EFBs. We have the capability to deliver successfully across continents and time zones.

Fast, easy deployment

AeroDocs is available as a tiered solution. As the scope of the solution increases, so the deployment resources required for deployment increase. But AeroDocs is designed for a fast, easy deployment, whatever the scale. Our open architecture means that hardware is never an issue and, whether you select a SaaS (hosted on cloud servers) or installed (hosted on your airline’s own servers) solution, we promise to have you flying in the shortest possible time.

AeroDocs-Feb-2016-Screen-1-2.pngManual testing and upload

Firstly, the airline supplies us with a selection of their manuals, in all possible formats. We check for any compatibility issues that need to be solved and conduct extensive testing and quality control across documents. When it’s time to upload the airline’s entire library of manuals and operational documents, you can choose to do that in flight ops or we can do a bulk upload for you. A suitable cloud server is selected, ensuring maximum efficiency. Capacity always far exceeds projected usage.

Integration with Active Directory

Next task is to get the full list of pilots into AeroDocs. The pilots’ details can be integrated with Active Directory or the roster. This process is for delivery of documents to pilot-issued EFB devices. If the airline uses aircraft-issued devices, each tail is set up as a user in the system.

EFB app management

The EFB document viewing app can be downloaded by pilots directly from the Apple App Store. Alternatively, if an airline has an MDM (mobile device management) solution, our app can be distributed centrally. An advantage to this approach is that any upgrades or patches can be deployed faster centrally.

Training provision

Pilots get the feel of our EFB viewer intuitively and we work with EFB administrators and flight ops to train key staff in the operation of the viewer and the distributor. We adopt a ‘train the trainers’ approach so that the airline is comfortable with growing the number of users internally. One person at the airline is sufficient to manage AeroDocs efficiently. With our software, the flight ops user workload is greatly reduced, so there’s a net time benefit.

A350-Qatar-Airways-Arconics-AeroDocs.jpgQuality control and support

When the software is live, we constantly monitor the solutions we host, checking usage and monitoring efficiency in document delivery speeds. And if there are any issues when using AeroDocs, our support team is available 24/7 by email and phone.

Managing revisions

XML is the nextgen digital document format, delivering multiple benefits to pilots. The AeroDocs editing module gives the power to create, edit and distribute XML to the airline. When the editing module has been identified as a requirement by the airline, we start by taking the airline’s existing manuals and converting them to XML. The manuals are then added to the system, where they can be edited when required. Airbus and Boeing XML manuals can be distributed by AeroDocs, even when no XML editing is required. Onsite training on document editing can take 2-3 days, with an additional day for administrators. When our deployment team is onsite, they will typically take advantage of this to conduct training on the distribution and viewing modules also.

Hosting options

IOSA-safety-audit-AeroDocs-softwareWhen upgrading to, or deploying our enterprise level solution, your requirements need to be scoped onsite. This will typically involve our software architects and project managers meeting with your IT managers, flight ops director, document managers, safety and compliance team and EFB managers. We’ll work with you to determine the best way to deploy AeroDocs onto your IT infrastructure, then go through our standard manual testing and conversion processes.

Arconics project team

Whatever the scope of your AeroDocs deployment, the process is staffed by the most suitable and experienced people from Arconics. We designate the ideal mix of project managers, document conversion specialists and implementation engineers to each project and they’re backed up by our large team of highly-skilled developers. For enterprise deployments, we adopt a Sprint-based methodology to customisation, where progress is shown on a regular basis.

Our partner approach

Paperless Cockpit Document Control Compliance - Click HereArconics would be delighted to partner with you and share our expertise. We want to help you continually reduce costs, meet your regulatory obligations, take advantage of new technologies. Aviation document management is what we do, supplying aviation-grade software to airline customers only. If you select Arconics, you will have a partner who understands your business. Your project’s success will be our most important priority.

Tiered solutions

AeroDocs trial requestAeroDocs CONTROL: PDF distribution, tracking, control and pilot-centric EFB document viewing on iPad.

AeroDocs COMPLIANCE: CONTROL, plus Boeing and Airbus XML manuals, collaborative authoring, nextgen safety and compliance management.

AeroDocs ENTERPRISE: All the features of CONTROL and COMPLIANCE, in a customised, self-hosted corporate document hub. This solution is currently being deployed at Qatar Airways.

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