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Big Six Hollywood Major Studios Approve CloudStore Wireless IFE

Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Paramount, Sony and Disney Approve CloudStore W-IFE

In another key milestone for CloudStore Wireless IFE by Arconics, we are now approved by all six Hollywood majors: Warner Bros, Fox, Universal, Paramount, Sony and Disney, along with some of the key independent studios. This means that passengers flying with CloudStore-enabled airlines will have access to the best in film content. These six studios account for over 90% of box office takings in North America and the majority of global film sales.
Because CloudStore W-IFE has studio approval, the job of sourcing and getting film content onto passenger screens has never been easier.
We are currently deploying CloudStore Wireless IFE into two airlines, Tigerair Australia and Corendon. We are in advanced negotiations with a number of other airlines and are currently registering a lot of interest in our software from airlines large and small. To run CloudStore, an aircraft needs an avionics grade server and a set of wireless access points (WAPs). CloudStore runs on any manufacturer's suitable hardware. It's important to note that we can supply said hardware as part of a complete, turnkey solution.

CloudStore-Wireless-IFE-arconics-films.pngThe CloudStore Win-Win-Win

Airlines now see the multiple benefits delivered to passengers by wireless IFE. Our research has shown that pretty much 100% of airline passengers carry their own devices onto an aircraft so the idea of duplicating all this display technology into aircraft seats, with all the wiring and weight, seems counter-intuitive.
Yes, the market is becoming increasingly competitive, but we're confident that CloudStore Wireless IFE ticks every box for airlines that need a powerful solution that's a breeze to install, delivering a superb passenger experience, and with a great ROI. This flexibility makes our solution perfect for all, from the latest nextgen aircraft to the less fuel-efficient models that lessors and charter operators now see as very viable, thanks to low fuel prices.
Because CloudStore's backend is just as pretty as its front, ancillary revenue and product management teams can easily access high quality analytics data which enables better management decisions and a faster response to passenger needs. We call this the CloudStore W-IFE Win-Win-Win.

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