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Boeing 747 is voted world's favourite civil aircraft


Boeing 747 Takes Top Prize

The Queen of the Skies is clearly the world's favourite civil aircraft

cargolux-747.jpgCathay-747-Kowloon.jpegArconics recently asked the question: "What is the greatest civil aircraft of all time?" We now have an answer.

With over a thousand votes cast in the Arconics online poll, the Boeing 747 flew away with the top honours, with an astonishing 38% of the vote. To put this victory in context, the second-placed aircraft - Concorde - won 14% of votes.

The B747 attracted comments like:

"The B747 heralded in the new era of commercial aviation and no aircraft has ever been as recognizable as the B747."

"It's the best looking aircraft of all times. It's majestic, powerful, simply amazing. For almost 50 years no one has made an aircraft that could compete with The Queen. President of the USA has been using this aircraft as Air Force One and that is the best recommendation!"
"Majestic and a synonym for long haul travel and exploring the world."

747-438ER_VH-OEG_SYDNEY_4JUNE2011_SETH-JAWORSKI.jpgThere were 515 Boeing 747 aircraft in airline service as of July 2016, comprising 19 747-200s, five 747-300s, 394 747-400s, 96 747-8s and a single 747SP. Arconics AeroDocs customers, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways, currently operate 747-400s.

B747 Top Facts

  1. The 747, AKA the Jumbo Jet, had its first flight in 1969 and entered service with Pan Am in 1970.
  2. Its passenger capacity was 250% that of the B707, the previous largest jet airliner.
  3. By July 2016, 1,523 aircraft had been built, with 20 of the 747-8 variants remaining on order.
  4. A 747-8 costs around US$350 million.
  5. The 747-400 passenger version can accommodate 416 passengers in a typical three-class layout, 524 passengers in a typical two-class layout, or 660 passengers in a high density one-class configuration.
  6. The 747-400, the most common passenger version in service, has a high-subsonic cruise speed of Mach 0.85–0.855 (up to 570 mph or 920 km/h).

Tell us about your document project It's great to celebrate the B747 in Boeing's milestone 100th anniversary year. Thanks for voting!

Poll results in detail:



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Our online poll - at - remains open so that we can analyse changing preferences as more of us get to experience nextgen aircraft.

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Cathay Pacific B747 landing at Kowloon, Hong Kong - Cathay Pacific

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