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Research survey: Calling all Pilots, TechPubs, Airline Document and Compliance Managers - your opinion matters!

EFB Managers - We want to hear about your airline manual pain points

Viasat AeroDocs is built around the user experience and solving the pain points that can turn a good day bad. Today, we relaunch our ongoing research study to help us better understand your document, manual and EFB needs.

Compliance managers, pilots, pilot managers, TechPub professionals, EFB managers, aviation IT professionals: all are welcome to participate in this research and all input is highly valued.

Your participation is entirely anonymous and Viasat gathers no personal data, but you can include your contact details if you wish. The findings from this questionnaire will be collated and published at a later date.

Thanks so much for your help!

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First published in October 2015. Updated in February 2018 to reflect product rebranding as Viasat AeroDocs.

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