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More about Michael Reilly, ViaSat - candidate in APEX Board election 2017

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Michael Reilly, ViaSat, requests your APEX board vote

The APEX Board of Directors election takes place August 15 - September 12, 2017. APEX members worldwide will be given the opportunity to select who they want to represent their interests at board level. Michael Reilly, ViaSat's Head of Content Services, asks for your vote so that he can represent you on the APEX board, promoting the collective goals of the entire membership.

Name: Michael Reilly

Professional Title: Head of Content Services

Company: ViaSat

Reason for Running: In my almost 20 years in the IFEC industry, I feel we are now at an interesting crossroads - definite challenges but unprecedented opportunities to not only improve, but truly revolutionise the airline passenger experience - and that’s the value I’d like to bring to the table as an APEX Board Member. I’d like to engage with stakeholders (airlines and vendors) right across our industry supply chain and work together to achieve our collective aims faster, smarter and more cost effectively, which means more profitably at the end of the day. I have the full support of my employer ViaSat to dedicate the required time to APEX and its governance and stakeholders if I’m elected. I’m looking forward to the challenge if the membership feels I can add value to the leadership of APEX.

apex-logo.pngIndustry Experience: I've been in the IFE industry continuously since 1998 and have attended almost all APEX events since then - including what is now the Multimedia Market, Regional Conferences and APEX TECH. I've worked for a CSP, an aviation software company and now a hardware and connectivity company. Along the way I've led and been actively involved in innovative projects and built and maintained strong relationships with airlines, content distributors, labs, hardware companies/media integrators and connectivity providers. I have experience, knowledge and relationships across a broad spectrum of the industry that can benefit the association and its members as we move forward together.

APEX committees served:

APEX EXPO (then WAEA Conference) - Conference committee - 2009

APEX Multimedia Market (then WAEA TV Market) - 2009

APEX New Member Initiative - 2010

APEX Regional Conference - 2014, Sydney

What matters most?

I believe that ‘collective goals’ are important - that voting members need to know they will be given a voice through their preferred board member. I pledge to be a true representative of APEX membership at board level, and to make myself available to each and every APEX member during my tenure and beyond.

Let's connect up!

I'd love to hear from all APEX members. Tell me what matters most to you and how APEX can help you to achieve your professional objectives.


Voting is open, 15 August - 12 September 2017, so please make your voice heard!

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