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Take Control of your airline manuals with AeroDocs

Are you aware of Viasat and how we are revolutionising the aviation industry's digital documents? We don't believe that any Flight Ops department should have to send their operational manuals out for editing and updating. That's why we made AeroDocs so easy to use, returning full control of manual editing, distribution and tracking to the people who need it.

Avoid outsourcing risks

Avoid the risks, delays and costs associated with outsourcing and gain multiple benefits by controlling your Operations Manuals in-house.

Control your processes using customised, fully-auditable workflows. Enable multiple levels of access and privileges across your workforce and see exactly who has received, viewed and accepted revisions.

  • Security - Complete control over who can access at each stage. 
  • Consistency - Document styles and content stay consistent.
  • Auditability - End-to-end visibility, tracking and reporting.

AeroDocs enables in-house editing of XML operational manuals

ViaSat-Document-Management-product-pic-090317.pngAeroDocs is so easy to use, it lets any airline take control of the XML editing of operational manuals, and manage their distribution to pilot EFB devices. This end-to-end approach delivers multiple benefits, including:

  • Compliance module - link to regulations for fast reference and get update notifications.
  • Content re-use - save time and stress by confidently re-using existing content.
  • Process control - custom workflows to suit your operations.
  • Document lifecycle - full visibility and control of your documents.
  • Collaboration - many hands make light work and we make collaboration easy.
  • Auditing - generate custom reports for auditors, save time and stress.
  • Continuous updating - update your manuals in minutes for a more responsive operation.
  • High quality, reliable and secure - used by leading airlines.

Measurable benefits

We would appreciate the opportunity to present AeroDocs to you and your team, to tell you more about the measurable benefits that are delivered by taking control. We can also show how AeroDocs can help ensure 100% safety audit compliance. We want to be involved in your next document management project or RFP, so just click on the blue button for a web demo at a time that works for you.

Aerodocs digital transformation demo

Free trial of AeroDocs

We're so confident in the quality, security and ease-of-use of AeroDocs that we'd like to offer you a FREE trial, set up in a secure environment. If you'd like to proceed with a trial, just let us know directly, or click on the orange button below to supply some additional details.

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