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Top 3 benefits that Viasat AeroDocs delivers to airlines

Viasat AeroDocs - Top 3 benefits

At Viasat, we believe that our in-flight connectivity must offer value, drive positive impacts, and enable and optimize opportunities for airlines. Viasat AeroDocs benefits from connectivity, with the ability to deliver operations manual updates to pilots while in-flight, but it also has core benefits applicable to all fleet types, even those that are currently pre-connected.

We've collated and analysed data and feedback from AeroDocs users in all kinds of air operations: LCCs, mainlines and regionals. We found that three key benefits are consistently cited:

1. Compliance assurance

If an air operation has any kind of document compliance or control problems, Viasat AeroDocs is the best-in-class system to solve them quickly and effectively. Built to scale efficiently, AeroDocs grows with your business. Integrate your regulator into your workflows and boost their confidence in your operational effectiveness and safety. When regulations change, AeroDocs makes it easy to see and apply updates.

2. Labor efficiencies and savings

AeroDocs technology enables better coordination and integration with your CAA, greatly reducing the time and effort required for revision approvals. Your techpubs and EFB admin staff will spend measurably less time on document editing, revision, distribution and tracking, especially when it's safety audit time. And if your documents team has had a bad experience with XML, AeroDocs will make them smile.

3. Fuel burn reduction

AeroDocs can cut the weight of manuals carried on every sector, every day. With up to 25kg in weight removed from the aircraft, fuel savings are calculable, with a positive impact on CASK, and related reductions in GHG emissions.

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How to improve your airline's compliance ...

For the complete, real-world story, download our Aer Lingus Case Study from this link, right now, no forms to fill: Aer-Lingus-cuts-CASK-with-AeroDocs

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CASK: Cost per available seat kilometer. The unit cost of the airline. Airline execs will watch this CASK figure very closely and this serves as a good comparison between airlines. This is calculated as the total cost divided by the total ASK. Any reduction in fuel costs will have a positive effect on CASK. Called CASM in the US and other non-metric territories, cost per available seat mile.