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Recurring challenges in flight ops

When you work in flight operations for a commercial airline, every day is busy, with recurring key challenges:

1. Safety and compliance

Will we be ready for the audit? Does everyone have the latest updates? What is our progress with the latest regulations?

2. Information management and collaboration

There’s simply too much content duplication. We’d like to get better organized and work together on projects. We want to continuously improve our processes.

3. Workflow process management and monitoring

Who is doing what and when will it be done? Are we making progress? Is our work being done efficiently and cost-effectively?

AeroDocs is the one tool to help you out-perform, to keep you ahead of your challenges, and to embrace the future of intelligent information. What’s key is not just the intelligence contained in your operation’s information, but the intelligent use of that information.

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Safety and compliance with AeroDocs

Viasat-AeroDocs-safety-complianceQuickly generate a summary view of key performance information, such as number of docs by team, number of regulator-controlled documents, and number of documents by status, e.g., in revision, draft, publishing, published. Use this information to answer important questions, such as how long it will take to complete tasks, and is there a risk of being overwhelmed.

Quickly ascertain the number of documents at workflow stages, e.g., awaiting external approval, and the number of documents that have exceeded specified workflow deadlines. Measure per-user authoring/approving wait times and measure productivity. With AeroDocs you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Safety and compliance use case

Information management and collaboration with AeroDocs

Viasat-AeroDocs-collaborationControlled distribution ensures that everyone gets the right content at the right time, to include read-receipt confirmation and dashboard summary views. Pilots, and everyone across the airline can find important information quickly, effective searching enabled by tagging. Teams can work smarter and more effectively in project spaces that foster collaboration. Improve productivity when multiple team members work on the same document together, with the added benefits of content consistency and time savings. Smart content eliminates duplicate content and reduces errors.

Increase the value of your information and the effectiveness of your team, when AeroDocs enables the easy sharing and reuse of content across your organisation. Create once, view everywhere and - critically - know your compliance status instantly, and from any device.

Management and collaboration use case

Workflow process management and monitoring with AeroDocs

Viasat-AeroDocs-workflow-processContinuous information improvement helps to optimise the efficient flow of information, and the execution of tasks that depend on the correct information. By including the right people at the right time (SMEs, Authors, Regulators, Approvers), and assigning tasks correctly, there is a greater situational awareness and a propensity to take control of activities to successful completion.

AeroDocs delivers single click access to an overview of workflow status across your organisation, with clear visibility of document revisions and variants, with different views for different audiences. Revision highlighting and  “What’s new” updates keep your operation moving forward, in a coherent, controlled and professional manner.

Workflow process use case

Are you ready for the AeroDocs information transformation?

Embrace the benefits of digital transformation and use information more intelligently in your air operation with AeroDocs. Download our case study and request a demo or trial of Viasat AeroDocs in your airline...

Intelligent information at scale - Qatar Airways case study

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AeroDocs safety and compliance use case

AeroDocs information management and collaboration use case

AeroDocs workflow process management use case 

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