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Webinar on airline compliance

The Viasat AeroDocs document experts were joined by Captain Peter Delany, to talk about the airline compliance landscape in 2018, in our recent Aircraft IT webinar. We also presented new AeroDocs features and the product roadmap, and demonstrated how Viasat AeroDocs makes airline compliance easier to achieve and maintain.

Who: This webinar recording is ideal for flight operations, compliance, technical publications, document specialists, chief pilots, technical pilots.

What: A review of the aviation compliance landscape in 2018. New AeroDocs features. Product demo. Q&A.

Why: Captain Peter Delany and the Viasat AeroDocs team discuss compliance in 2018; the priorities, the realities and the obstacles. This webinar outlined how compliance and regulation inform the AeroDocs Compliance and Document Management System roadmap. The webinar also included a demo of the system.  

Where: The webinar was hosted by Aircraft IT. Register, and you will be able to access the on-demand video recording at a time that suits you.

When: Any time you like.

View the AeroDocs webinar recording

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