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Wireless IFE any way you want it - from Viasat

Viasat - One team delivers a complete range of wireless IFE products

ViaSat in-flight connectivity accelerates your airline's digital transformation, delivering an immediate and measurable impact on passenger experience and your bottom line.

Passenger experience is becoming the key differentiator in the airline offering. The delivery of content, shopping opportunities, moving maps and in-flight internet access is fast-becoming an assumed element of the flight experience, even on low cost carriers, and shorter flights.

ViaSat offers a full range of solutions, with flying customers, for any kind of connected aircraft. Our wireless IFE systems deliver benefits to all fleet sizes and to any aircraft mix, because we have the full range of hardware, software and service options to help deliver a great experience and ancillary revenues, while delighting passengers.

Top 10 reasons to partner with ViaSat

  1. Wireless-IFE-ViaSat-Inflight-Entertainment-1.pngWe have a range of portable and installed hardware systems;
  2. Regardless of your current connectivity, we work with you to make IFE and IFC work for your passengers - and your bottom line;
  3. We deliver a robust backend to manage everything effortlessly;
  4. We offer a range of value-add services, from content to in-flight internet, to a frictionless shopping experience in the air.
  5. Customer experience is cohesive across the fleet, even when a mix of connectivity solutions is deployed.
  6. Accelerate your go-to-market strategy, prove the concept and deliver quick wins with our portable system. Learn from the analytics and upgrade to our installed, connected product when your passengers or business plans dictate.
  7. Our installed system delivers great wireless IFE on connected aircraft or aircraft that will need internet at a later date: future-proof.
  8. We own and manage the full connectivity stack, from satellites to ground stations and everything in between. All our hardware and software systems are optimised to deliver the best possible connectivity. Your airline can be confident in our delivery commitments, dealing with a single vendor.
  9. Our cloud-based content delivery innovation dramatically cuts the time and labour required to update content.
  10. ViaSat's range of solutions means that we can meet your needs, whatever your fleet age, wherever you are in the buying cycle.

Wireless IFE - any way you want it

ViaSat Wireless IFE is a true meta product. We combine a range of hardware options, great backend software and a selection of services to help you meet your targets in revenue, passenger experience and digital transformation. 

Our hardware can be portable, installed or support fully-connectivity with broadband satellites. 

Our partnership approach

Wireless IFE any way you want it Just click on the orange button to tell us more about your project needs. Then we'll work with you to build a project plan that meets your timeline. We take a partnership approach to all of our projects, from planning, through deployment, to support and ongoing engagement with your product improvement initiatives.

Passenger experience

All this leads to one place: your passenger's seat. Like you, we want your passenger's time onboard to be everything they expect from your airline - and more. We want them to love the experience of flying with you. We want them to remain loyal to your brand and to become your brand ambassador. And we want you to see a measurable return on your investment in ViaSat. We're with you for the long haul.

There's an exciting journey ahead of us. What are we waiting for?

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Acronym guide

IFE - In-Flight Entertainment.

IFC - In-Flight Connectivity.

WAP - Wireless Access Point, delivers Wi-Fi in the aircraft cabin - internet and/or IFE content to passenger devices.

STC - Supplemental Type Certificate, required approval for addition of any post-factory production line hardware to aircraft.

AID - Aircraft Interface Device, accesses data directly from the aircraft to, for example, supply location data to moving map.